Considering fake/real

Thinking about the fake/real project, it seems like something that can be serious or fun. I am going to choose the fun route because whenever I consider fake/real it ends up being silly. I want to make a playful and silly image, but it might end up being rather disturbing =/ I am unsure…I guess it won’t be seen until later post^^

Because of my interest in stationary, I have seen a lot of “cute notebooks” (with covers from Hello Kitty to smiling milkshakes and fries). I was watching TV and saw this Excel gum commercial with little animated food that are VERY cute…unbelievably so. I love that donut =D

There is also a Chinese version that has more animated food. That poor donut is always getting hurt:

I guess my idea is kinda obvious =P

  1. cappazilla said:

    >.< Oh dear, poor donut! I’ve only seen the English version on TV. The Chinese version is cute too- especially the banana when he waves in the passenger seat!!

  2. dbeve said:

    I like the BANANA!! HaHaHa

  3. se* said:

    Hey that’s really cute! I want to see your work soon!

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