Trying things

Here is a helpful mask layer tutorial for beginners. It helps describe what a layer mask is in an understandable way. There are also images that shows the explanations. Also, the result image kind of relates to the fake/real project 😉 It shows little details that make two different images into one “real” image. A layer mask is nice to use because you use the paintbrush to “delete” unwanted background in an image or fade some of it.

I experimented with layer masks..still not sure if that’s what I should use. Here is a preview of what I’m working on. It is a very scary image. It’s definitely not as cute as the previous post. I wanted to show how real food would look like with human characteristics.

That's scary

That's scary

  1. coconutbread said:

    Hi Sylvie, your donut images are a funny and scary at the same time. I have some suggestions for you. Have you tried instead of masking real facial expressions for cartoon ones? Or what if you exaggerate the size of the eyes or other facial expressions? Just a thought.

    • sschan said:

      thanks very much for suggestions ^^ I definitely will try them out!

  2. I like that mouth….the smiling teeth… haha
    interesting ~ ; )

  3. se* said:

    Hi Sylvie! I think it is interesting to combine a face with a donut. It could be hard to blend the two things perfectly, but it is a really cool idea. Have you tried using stamp tool? You can choose soft brush with stamp tool and I think it will help to cover the face on the donut naturally. good work!

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