After fake/real


Don't eat me!

I used different layers to incorporate each face. I am quite happy with the result. The only donut I would change would be the powdered white one on the top right. It seems like it was pasted on more than the other ones. I like the farthest top right and left donuts the most because they seem to have very weird emotions.


zoomed in of a photo

I was thinking of using another picture of the donuts (such as an angled photo of the donuts with more of the box) but my camera kept focusing on things I did not want. I tried changing the focusing, but it did not work well. In angled photos, the front donuts were unfocused. instead, the camera sharpened the back donuts.

  1. lonepineken said:

    Great…Timbits with faces on them..I already feel guilty when I eat them, and now I’ll be reminded each time that they also have little faces beneath the powdered sugar. Great concept and vey Canadian

  2. That’s so cute…
    I feel as if they are alive lol
    Great work 😀

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