My illiteracy, world hunger, gay marriages, domestic violence, recycling, plastic waste, MADD, oil spills, no smoking, bullying or something else poster ideas

I don’t know what I should do anymore…I was looking at past CGIA posters and got so many more ideas. I really liked the Drowning in plastic poster . The colours chosen for that poster were very nice! It is very visually appealing and uses text minimally. There’s also the All you need is love poster which is visually appealing in a different way. I also liked how she chose to do something with no “serious cause”. She chose to create a poster that would simply make her happy if she was to see it on the street. I like how the poster project is flexible because we do not have to make a “serious poster” that can be rather cryptic.

I had an idea about oil spills and how the pollution affects the environment…



turn to balloons for fun

turn to balloons for fun

makes no sense

...and one about plastic bags? Makes no sense

  1. se* said:

    I was also confused to choose the topic of this project since there are so many issues that we may want to talk about. I chose to do “world hunger” which is specifically focused on the hunger of children. I like how you explore the composition, colours and shape 🙂

  2. cappazilla said:

    BALLOONS!!! =D

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