logo pogo no go — rethink inc?

I’m still not sure what my logo should be…I already made the logo, just not sure of the name. Picking names is always so difficult! It took me forever to think of a username for the wordpress account and in the end it’s sschan..not very creative. I never know if I want a funny username or a more proper one. It’s even more difficult to choose if I want a casual, but not silly username. Choosing what to name something takes time because you will identify it as that from now.

My poster is about reducing plastic bags. I was thinking:

– Greener Ideas

– Greener Ideas for a greener World

– Rethink

– Plastic ain’t my bag    (where is that from?…I know it’s from something)

– RR&R (ie: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! But it sounds like a law firm RR&R)

On the sunny side, I have chosen my subject for the Illustrator poster =]


  1. oh~ Those are so cute. For me, because the color of the first one is too strong, I like the second one 🙂 I like the font and background as well. I think you L O V E cute things!!! That’s great~cause I can get information from you about cute things ~

  2. se* said:

    I like the second one better too 🙂 It is difficult to choose names for me and I agree with you that choosing names takes time since it is all about identity. I like Rethink as your logo name because it is simple yet powerful and clear.

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