No plastic bag, please!

I chose to do a no plastic poster mostly because I work at a grocery store. They started charging customers for plastic bags (3 cents/ea) and I get mixed comments being a cashier there. Some customers are very mad or say “that’s ridiculous” and “you’re the only store that charges for bags”. Other people say “that’s good, we should start doing that in other places”.

A couple places that could have the No Plastic poster. I imagined it would be posted in supermarkets and possibly as those flags on the streetlamps. I tried to think of common places that people see when they go grocery shopping, such as the front store window. The flags on the streetlamps usually promote the city, and No Plastic seems like something Vancouver and Richmond should promote. Toronto has already taken action by charging for plastic bags. I think they take more action in things like this.


  1. I like the design of bag:)
    It looks cool~
    I think if you try with darker color, it would attract people’s attention more.

  2. dbeve said:

    Yeah, I like your bag poster because of the playfulness of it! Good job!
    and I agree with SeongMi that you should try different colors in series, too.

  3. pooeyy said:

    i also had that thought of promoting the issue of not using plastic bags, but i never thought of the idea of using the handbag to promote the idea!! i thought your poster is very cute!! though your initial idea of the yellow outline on white was very eye piercing, but once you changed the color, the whole poster brightened up and looks very neat!!

  4. cappazilla said:

    I love how clean your poster looks! I can see you making a whole bunch of them in different colours like Seongmi said and posting them everywhere! =D

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