Just browsing

I’m looking around internet to see different booklets/books/publications. I really like the idea of this calendar by Jonathan Davies. It is something that I would use because a calendar is always helpful on my desk. It uses colours and text in a subtle way, which makes me very inspired. I want my InDesign publication to come out simple…just figuring out how to layout my pages. I am wondering if Table of Contents is needed. I’m also not sure if I want to number my pages. Also not sure if I want my cover to continue to back of book.

Minimalism to the extreme

This image is a cover of a book. It is minimalism to the extreme. ONE RED PAPERCLIP is a true story! It’s about a Canadian man, eh who traded a red paperclip and after 14 trades, ended up with a house. It’s real! Really.

I need to stop browsing and start shopping!…I should make list first.

Ideas for publication (a lot of them are collections of things):

– Fairy Tale

– Quotes & Idioms

– CD album illustrations

– Recipe/ pairing food together

– Tour book of Richmond

– Cartoon/Comic

– Greetings in different languages


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