Project A – Space & Time

Repetition is something that I would like to explore more of in my next project. The Time comic was interesting to do because I was able to repeat the clocks, but I know the layout lacks something. The neutral tones of the comic was something I was very careful of because I did not want any colour to stand out. Unfortunately, I think the green/blue shirt really stands out, especially because it is in the middle of the page.

The layout for the Space comic was more interesting to me because I was able to use simple graphic forms to create the closet’s space. At first, I was planning on keeping everything black and white (like Ikea’s furniture instruction booklets). The shelves filled with so many different colours is too messy. The plant that covers everything is something I wanted to include because the plant really does cover my closet door. It is a nuisance, but very much part of the closet space.

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