Characters – Project B

The Goldfish Market in Mongkok, Hong Kong has many stalls that sell different types of goldfishes in plastic bags. My protagonist is a  20-something year-old girl who works at her family’s goldfish stall. Her name is never mentioned, but her family and the market people call her Ah Mui (little sister). She is a daydreamer and often is seen staring in space, dreaming. Ah Mui believes that her life is too mundane and wishes for a more exciting life. She is slightly bitter towards her high school friends because she was the only one who could not get into university. She spends her days working at the Goldfish Market and dreaming. Her mother always scolds her for her absent mindlessness and passive behavior. Meanwhile her father tells her “selling goldfishes will give her a plentiful life”. She daydreams about going to different countries and exploring new places.

Ah Mui’s companions during work are the goldfishes that swim around the tanks and plastic bags. She encounters different customers working at the goldfish shop; from market people, business men to foreigners. She slowly learns to see her life’s mediocrity into wonder.

Mimi is Ah Mui’s friend. She works at the convenience store across from Ah Mui’s work place. Mimi is very social and usually visits Ah Mui at the store when there are no customers since their stores are so close together. They also take the same bus route to work. Mimi is often seen with either her cellphone or a magazine in hand.

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