That in-between space

Drawing Challenge | Day 4: Favourite Place

Y’know how there’s always some last minute packing the night before a trip? You’re at home, but you’re also going somewhere else (preferably a vacation). I enjoy that moment.

  1. Stef said:

    Ooh, that moment stresses me out. I either want to be at home, or be at the new place. The in-between time causes me angst,

    • ssnchan said:

      Haha yeah that moment can be very stressful. But I also love it because it means I’m packing to go on vacation or somewhere new! Thanks for commenting.

  2. K-lynn said:

    really? i dread that moment. i always wish i could be teleported immediately. skipping that process. and then when you come back. you’re home, but your stuffs are still in the bag, like you haven’t.

  3. I dread that moment too! If I can only go to the new place without packing I would! hahaha

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