Fly problem

I hate it when a fly comes into my house through the window and then proceeds to have no clue how to get back out. It just keeps flying around the window and hitting the glass. I also don’t appreciate how bees react the same way. Sometimes I wish I could be like Jean Grey (from X-Men) and use my telekinesis to move the fly outside so it can go back to its regular outside life. I usually end up reacting like this, though.

  1. very cool work. i remember fly and bee days like this.

    your obnoxious word post is quite cool too. it reminds me of an (oldish) Alphabet book – i think it was called Talking Words. the illustrations are great, imaginative and simple. ah, found my copy – the book is Talking Words: A Unique Alphabet Book by Ashok Davar. from 1969.

    we may be a student all of our life – but we dont necessarily have to go to school all of our life to learn. you clearly are capable of learning on your own. good luck on the position you’d like. aloha.

  2. Sharon said:

    I really like this one! Great job.
    Also: where could one find out more about this 30 day challenge you keep referencing on your blog? Sounds like a great exercise.

    • ssnchan said:

      Hi Sharon, the drawing challenge can be found here. I’m obviously a wee bit behind (I started the challenge on June 1st). It is more difficult than one would have thought! A great exercise nonetheless, like you said. Best of luck & thanks for the comment!

  3. ha. couldnt get your blog out of my skull. i dont know why this stuff appeals to me so much. sheesh.

    a couple of years ago a few friends got together and did “hourly comic days” – once a month. the stuff is very raw – not so finished like most of your stuff here. it was fun to do tho. . .

    one day each month, we’d attempt (loosely) to do a panel for every waking hour of our day. this was based on another site that did “hourly comic day” once a year. we just liked the idea so we tried to keep pace once a month.

    there are some good people and ideas behind it (imo), with a sense of humor that always made me laugh (okay, most of the time). so i thought, may be you’d enjoy it… (???) i hope:

    Burping Babbies – or HCD – Hourly Comic Day. *okay… please note that some of the humor can get a little… adult. but mostly, not.


    • ssnchan said:

      Hello, thank-you for the previous comment you posted and the suggestion you have now! It sounds like a great project to do with friends. Making a panel each hour seems difficult, but a good exercise too.

      • aloha ssnchan – or… Sylvia. it was/is fun as well as a challenge to do the HCD (hourly comic day). it took me a while to get the stride and pace going but in one day you can generate a lot of material. that’s the thing, it’s a good exercise, it produces some great moments, and it’s raw work. each panel can later be developed if you were going in that direction. we didnt hold to a tight structure – some days i wound up with 18 or more panels, some days 3 or 4 or less. each month was different. after i mentioned them to you i scrolled through a lot of them – and that was fun too. aloha.

  4. haha, brilliant!
    I love the expression used in this.
    Who doesn’t feel like that when they constantly hear an annoying buzzing sound?

  5. I love the wavy arms, so what it feels like to be annoyed and frustrated!

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