Dog study

Hello, I’m taking an illustration summer class so I’ve been a bit lazy on uploading things. For this class assignment, I’m doing a rather bizarre article about seven dogs who ate their deceased owners’ remains. I decided to challenge myself and draw a dog! These are based off of pictures I found on Google (they’re sketches of shelties!). There’s also a doodle of a child who enjoys bothering the dog.

I’m rather behind in the Drawing Challenge I set for myself in June (it’s past mid-July already!). But I just got an idea for the next topic (Day 16: Inspiration — this is rather coincidental) so I’ll be posting that as soon as I finish it up.

  1. Stef said:

    I like your little boy – so expressive and ‘boyish’. And the dogs are great; I can’t believe you’ve never drawn them before! You have great skills.

    • ssnchan said:

      Ok, I admit, I may have drawn dogs before. But I had references for these ones!

      • Stef said:

        Aw, he’s cute! But the ‘scary’ version – yikes! Scary, indeed. (Though I must admit I *do* love the “double-vision” of the image.) 🙂

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