A Boy & his Dog

My previous post with the dog studies has resulted into this!

This was based off of an article I found on CBC. Here’s what I got from it:

A Saskatoon couple was found dead in their rural property. It was discovered that for weeks their seven dogs had been eating their remains as a means of survival. The cause of death is still unknown, but there were no indications that the dogs had attacked their owners. The Saskatchewan SPCA believes that the dogs should be put up for adoption. But the neighbour of the couple strongly opposes of the idea and believes that the dogs should be put down. “You can’t place a dog that’s been eating on human flesh for two or three weeks and put it in a home where there might be a child,” said the neighbour, who has been a dog breeder for 43 years. At the same time SPCA stated that “[the dogs] really aren’t going to be looking at a small child and eyeing them up as if they’re a dinner just waiting to be had”.

The original article.

  1. Anna said:

    I just found your blog, and I love your illustrations, even if this one creeps me out a little bit.

  2. Sara said:

    those are some hungry dogs o.o. great illus nonetheless, the boy might need a dog whistle!

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