Some books are to be chewed and digested

Kudos to anyone who knows what I’m referencing in the title of this post!

I’ve been working on this bookmark for the bookmark show held by the OCW magazine. What is the bookmark show? Well, according to the page it is a “non-juried exhibition of original artwork by artists and designers from across Canada. Bookmarks are created using a variety of mediums and materials, are 2″ x 6″, and must be functional for use as bookmarks”.

The front & back of the bookmark

Here are some photos of the bookmark doing what it does best. I grabbed the nearest book to me and it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I hope I’m allowed to have these pages on here. Please be aware that you are about to be bombarded with photos.

Basically, it’s two pieces of bristol that I glued together. I drew the girl on the tree first and then cut up the little holes. Afterwards I took another piece of bristol board and cut the holes again. I then drew the back of the bookmark. Some process pictures.

That’s it!

If anyone is in the Vancouver area on September 25th, they should drop on by to see the show! (I wonder if anyone from Vancouver has even subscribed to the blog?)

Word on the Street National Book and Magazine Festival
Sunday, September 25, 2011 11AM to 5PM
Vancouver Library Square (350 W Georgia St)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

  1. Stef said:

    Oh wow, I LOVE it! So beautiful – and so appropriate as a bookmark, too.

    You have *amazing* skills; I’m kind (okay, a lot) jealous…

    • ssnchan said:

      Thank-you very much, Stef! I thought a bookmark with holes would be kinda cool since I don’t see those often (probably ’cause it would cost a lot for mass produce bookmarks to be cut like this).

  2. Dian Wijayanti said:

    Wow, I’d definitely love to have your bookmark! I’m green with envy! Hahaha.

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