Silkscreen doobooleedoo

If anyone ever has an opportunity to try out silkscreen, they should try it out. It’s incredibly self-rewarding to see a finished print done by yourself. Personally, I go through a lot of trials and tribulations while printing, but I love it anyway.

My first assignment for silkscreen class only had one requirement: the printed image had to be  22″x13″ in size minimum. I went with my noodles stuck in a rut mood and created the following sketch:

Here’s my original image done on the computer:

My prints on the drying rack:

I hope to use more traditional mediums in creating my next silkscreen images (rather than relying on my computer all the time).

  1. Stef said:

    Interesting. What do you then do with the printed images?

    • ssnchan said:

      I either keep them or give to my friends who are interested. Prints can also be sold or given as gifts…or anything else you can come up with!

  2. Hi Sylvia

    I am nominating you for ‘The Versatile Blogger Award’, a peer award that will bring a few more readers to your wonderful blog. I remember coming upon your blog a few months back through freshly pressed. I did not have any link so I searched for doodles through google and finally arrived here.

    The award (if you choose to accept it) comes with a checklist that you have to complete. Check out the latest post on my blog for the details.


    • ssnchan said:

      Hello there,

      Thank-you for considering my blog for the award! I unfortunately do not follow that many blogs specifically from WordPress (woah, ten? I can’t think of ten off the top of my head!). I’m surprised you were able to find my site at all in Google’s vast expansive collection of websites.

  3. There are a lot of doodles out there

    I remembered the Blog’s name, added wordpress to the search term and finally it worked

    my weapon of choice is writing but I have a linking for distinct visuals. So I will be dropping in. Keep up the good work

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