Obnoxious update


I’ve been focusing on silkscreen projects for the past few weeks month (I can’t believe it’s October already). I’m doing a minimum 10 layer assignment and guess what I decided to try printing? The Obnoxious image! I decided to be ambitious and make 30 prints.

I’ve printed 9 layers so far (all that’s missing is the outline of the word):

I like neon yellow, but I’m not so sure about the neon yellow background for this particular image. Could it be too obnoxious? My camera didn’t really capture the brightness really well, but think actual fluorescent yellow for the background. I’m most likely going to print a translucent layer over to dull the fluorescent yellow.

I’ll post the end result soon. Update: I’ve posted the end result!

  1. Stef said:

    I’m not a fan of neon, but I do think it is fitting given the topic of your print. 😉

  2. Mar said:

    Love the bright background. I used almost the exact color in my last silkscreen assignment. 30 prints at 10 layers, way to go!

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