Apologies for my infrequent updates. I’ve been busy with school work and whatnot. I’ve been struggling with this school assignment, but finally got an idea for it a few days ago. Our project is to make four greeting cards with an interesting/unique theme. I decided to draw cards with passive-aggressive/non confrontational messages.

My first card idea is “You owe me ________”. I intentionally left it blank because there are various lender/borrower awkward situations that arise which would fit this card. For example, lending money to a friend, family member, colleague, etc (especially colleagues) can become pretty awkward. Because sometimes the borrower might forget to return your money back afterwards, and you -the lender- has to figure out how to gently remind them of this. What better way to avoid face-to-face confrontation than sending a card (preferably by mail so they won’t even see you right way after receiving the card)?! Of course, this can branch out to many other lender/borrower situations: “Please return that book I lent you 6 months ago” and “Whatever happened to that sewing machine I lent you?”…the list can go on!

Basically, it’s a card with accountant-stuck-up-looking kind of guys listing all the things that the borrower owes. I imagine the inside of the card would have the words “You owe me” and space for you to write down how ever much things you want.

I’ll be posting my other three cards soon once I have finished up with the details. There’s going to be: “you’re a horrible driver”, “you’re a horrible dancer” and, “your ringtone is awful”. Fun times ahead!

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