Greetings II

Here is my series of passive-aggressive/confrontational greeting cards. It was really fun drawing the little figures! I especially enjoyed choosing the colours for their clothing. I’m uploading the one with the green background again because I made a few tweaks.

You owe me _____________

You’re a horrible dancer.

You’re a horrible driver.

Your ringtone sucks.

I’d imagine the text would be in the inside of the card rather than on the outside. I’ll be printing physical copies to hand in to my instructor (I’ll probably upload a photo once that’s done).

  1. I like these! Very clever. And I agree about your proposed card layout. The outside might make it look like you’re going to say something sweet, and then you hit them with it. Like, “You’re so special to me, and I know I can always tell you how I truly feel…” and they open it up to “your ringtone sucks.”

    • ssnchan said:

      Thank-you! I was aiming for that effect!

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