Artemis Fowl

Did anyone read the Artemis Fowl series, written by Eoin Colfer, back in 2001? I’m doing a school assignment where we illustrate four chapter headings and the endpaper for a book of our choosing. I was rummaging through my old book collection and found my Artemis Fowl books! It was a pretty nostalgic moment. It turns out that the series is still going; the last book is coming out this summer!

For those who don’t know the books, it revolves around this twelve year-old criminal mastermind and his dealings with the Faerie world. In the first book, Artemis Fowl is trying to restore his family’s fortune, which involves scheming and Faerie gold. He steals the book of the Faeries, which consists of all their customs and laws, in order to learn more about them. Along the way, we are introduced to his trusty butler, bodyguard, and best friend: Butler. There are also some magical folk in the story! Captain Holly Short and Commander Julius Root (of LEPrecon, the elite branch of the Lower Elements Police of the Faerie world) try to stop Artemis’ dastardly plan (lookit me being all writer-y and cliche). Exciting things!

I was working on the endpaper illustration for the book and wanted to make it look like endpaper for the book of the Faeries. It’s a creepy elf child with a lot of vines surrounding it. The symbols (Total nerd alert!) around the child are written in Gnommish, the fairy language, which was made by Eoin Colfer. It is a warning from the book: Forever doomed shall be the one, who betrays my secrets one by one. Here is my linework of this. I also quickly added some colour just to see how it would look. Most likely I’ll be colouring it more brown/yellow. This was just a fun green thing.

  1. I soooo read Artemis Fowl when I was littler! 😀
    I love your drawing – excellent, gripping.

  2. Benjamin Halliday said:

    Absolutely amazing, I loved the books and I really like your illustration and the Gnommish warning. It is really fitting with the series. Very well done.

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