So Artemis Fowl is a lot harder to draw than I would have thought. I wanted to show his deviousness, his quietness, independence (seeing as both of his parents have not been a big part of his childhood) and how young he actually is in this one pose. There may be too many characteristics I want to embody into that pose.

A twelve year-old boy was a bit of a challenge for me, let alone trying to draw a fictional character from a series. Just like everyone, when I’m reading the books, I put my own image of Artemis in the story. For the longest time I always thought he was blonde…but luckily Eoin Colfer puts a few of Artemis’ physical characteristics into his writing (he actually has dark hair).

My assignment for Concept Art class is to draw our character in an array of emotions. I am hesitant and quite critical of this mostly because Artemis Fowl is not my character (if I was making up my own, I think I would have done some ridiculous emotions). For some reason it is a bit difficult to imagine this boy genuinely smiling. If you look, there’s one of him doing an awkward smile.


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