Printed greeting cards

I recently went to my school’s printing facilities to get my passive-aggressive greeting cards printed. They are coincidentally the same colours as Easter’s pastel colours! I may have been too excited and went to Staples to get some chocolate-coloured envelopes to match the cards.

Inside one of the cards:

Your ringtone sucks.

    • ssnchan said:

      I have a couple of extras right now, but I’ll need to print more if you want set. I currently don’t have a shop…but I’m thinking of getting one soon. Possibly from bigcartel? I’ll be sure to post any news if this plan follows through =D

  1. cappazilla said:

    Best greeting cards ever! =D

  2. These are awesome… I am having an urge to order 15, but sadly I have no one to give them too ;( I hope your other clients are more promising….

    • ssnchan said:

      I’ll have to figure out how to make them more worthwhile C:

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