Drawing Us Together

Back in March, my friends and I wanted to create a book filled with our images for the end of the school year. This was during the middle of our final school semester. There was this week of calm where deadlines seemed far away —and designing a book seemed do-able on top of our school projects. It is now two months overdue, but great nonetheless! Our baby anthology: Drawing Us Together: A tale of friendship, illustration, and eating copious amounts of sushi. It’s a collection of images created by my friends and I.

Click the title above for the online preview. If anyone is interested, it is also for sale. Click after the cut if you want to see a mass spam of photos of the printed book!

The eleven other awesome people in the anthology:
April Andruchow / Joslin ChanMolly Chang / Roberta Chang / Tommy Hsiao / Risa Hugo / Tina Oanh Le / Yun-Yun Lee / Zoe Lee / Josseline Tanus / Louisa Tsui

We created our books from this place called Blurb. It’s pretty cool, since we were able to create our own book with InDesign and just upload the pdf online. We were also extremely lucky that Blurb was having a discount when we were ordering. It felt pretty official because we made both a soft cover and hard cover version of our anthology.

Thank-you Tina and Louisa for making this book possible. Without them, it would probably still be an InDesign file waiting for something to happen…festering on my desktop. Again, check out the preview HERE!

And thanks again Tina for the photos. Check out her blog! I pretty much took her photos for this post.

  1. That’s so amazing, it’s something you all can be very proud of! I wish I could buy one.

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