Stylistic qualities

Lànce and Jaqueline_screenshot

Having a certain art style can be pretty beneficial in a portfolio. But I think it could also hinder you if you over-think it. It left me completely immobile and unwilling to just draw for the sake of drawing (which is not cool). I’m trying to not let my thoughts weigh down my “brush strokes”, and just let things flow. While at school I decided “noodles” was my style (if there is such a thing). It was The Artistic Style* I would carry-on forever in my portfolio (*Yes, the capital letters are essential). But I can’t always be drawing just this one kind of noodles forever. It needs to expand, deviate, and maybe contract in order for me to continue developing my art style (nice to know my art-school-flowery thinking hasn’t left). Hopefully certain qualities are transferring through as I continue on this stylistic journey. I came across this little blurb posted by Gingerhaze (Noelle Stevenson) about how an art style is something that changes and keeps growing; you can discover your “next style” serendipitously, even. I most definitely am in this bandwagon. In other words, there is no one set style that will bring in all your hopes and dreams. Draw what you like to draw as much as you can because you want to enjoy this (but also challenge yourself)!

Anyway, here’s a screenshot of what I’m currently working on. I’m planning on doing a series of these. For those who are in the similar situation that I had of trying to find The Artistic Style, all I can say is, try not to over-think it. Draw as often as you can and don’t let negative thoughts stop you from making that first mark.

Um, thanks for tolerating my cheesy writing and I hope you get to continue doing the things you love!


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