Hello, there. My name is Sylvia (I also go by ssnchan online). I am a freelance illustrator living in rainy Vancouver. I like to draw people in the midst of their thoughts and noodles comings out of crevices. I also enjoy communicating words into images. I’m always interested in collaborations or freelance work. To view more of my work, please go to: www.ohmytangerine.com.

Say hi: hello [at] ohmytangerine.com
I tumblr, tweet, & instagram.

  1. Gracie said:

    the donuts made me lol at work.

    thanks. 😉


  2. hey
    came across your work on Freshly pressed
    shame though for there ought to be easier ways for good work to be noticed

    I did a post on doodles myself recently

    Love your blog

  3. Your doodles are very nice. People do doodles when they are bored but I didn’t knew that it can be an art for guys like you! Great work!
    Please visit my blog as well.

  4. Love your blog! Super clever and cute. 🙂

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